Signaling Noise, LA captures the Los Angeles city sites where sound becomes noise. In the past year, I’ve become interested in recording sound and how space shapes sound [and vice versa]. When realizing that most of my sound data collected in that year was of city noise, I began to record footage of those sites with the aim to focus on sound as space. Signaling Noise, LA is rethinking the urban landscape in terms of spatial sound, while the city architecture has an effect on the sound environment the noise disruption that is generated is often unnoticed. Viewing noise as space becomes a prominent idea in this work, the custom software reinforces that idea by distorts each frame depending on the sound frequency of its city site, visually disrupting the image through noise.

Three-channel video installation (color), projection, custom software, two-channel audio
Sound Design by Andrew Ortiz

Recieved DMA (Design and Media Arts) 2019 Undergraduate Exhibition Award