The web is a means of communication and thus a way of expressing current state of events; with the help of digital sources we’re able to receive data endlessly. Most of those sources make use of machine learning algorithms to enhance our interaction with people from all around the globe, creating a sustainable virtual ecosystem. However, our information is not solely virtual, mass data is stored in warehouses called data centers. Major corporations fail to address the negative environmental impact that these data centers have by making their locations anonymous. The servers used to store data requires an exponential amount of energy and cooling power, which contributes to our carbon dioxide footprint. The portrayal of the web as an eco-friendly space free of waste is inaccurate, Hidden Numbers is aiming to address such environmental issues that most aren’t aware of yet all participate in. Through generative visual poetry and textured sounds, Hidden Numbers is referencing the conflict that exists with our virtual interactions. By demystifying the medium, which is the web, one can conclude that such sustainable environment also stores virtual waste. Hidden Numbers aims to create awareness of our virtual and physical print that is caused by our sharing of information.

Video (color), custom software, audio

Hidden Numbers is a work done for the magazine Re Fuse, Volume 2