Augmented Proximity focuses on human-machine interaction and how it can be amplified by regulating the field of view in accordance with proximity of the user to the objects. To simulate the movement of the geometry in real time, they are mounted on the KUKA robots and by using live connection, resulting in creation of intuitive movement path. Our physical model enhances the morphing of surfaces to curvilinear geometries and its spatial potential. These aspects of the project are enhanced by generative particles through projected content. Further we mapped real time interaction with machine vision technologies. Biological aspect of the project was enhanced through  Augmented Reality with integration of organic growth systems.
Interactive projection mapping (color), KUKA robot, AR, VR, custom software, custom 3D objects
Team members: Dhwani Gogri, Evgenia Terzi, Hui Lui, Karan Pashine, Karina Lopez

Winter 2018 Tech-Seminar, SUPRASTUDIO in Technology