5 Bargain Vacation Destinations Off the Beaten Path

Hordes of tourists swarming the world’s most popular destinations can make travel unpleasant.

A woman at a resort looks out over nature on vacation.
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Of course everyone wants to get out there and see the world, but hordes of tourists swarming the world’s most popular destinations can make travel unpleasant. 

Some European cities are so crowded that they have actually banned cruise ships from docking. If you've noticed nearly everyone on your Instagram feed is on a "revenge travel" trip to Santorini this summer, you're not alone.

If your heart is set on viewing Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower or skiing at a chic Colorado resort, the crush of people with the same idea may not deter you. But if you prize a less-crowded experience, consider these five alternatives to popular vacation spots around the world. 

One way to avoid the crowds is to travel during the off-season. But scheduling time off from work or school and risking rainy and cold weather aren’t for everyone, so we chose places that are less packed all year round and offer good value even in peak season. Take a look.

Miriam Cross
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